Summer sports

Summer sports

In the Valsesia, the summer is a holiday of colours: the sun's golden yellow, the green of the fields and trees, the sparkling shades of the mountains; the blue of the sky, the emerald of the water; the white of the glaciers and naturally the Rosa (pink), second highest mountain in Europe.
An enchanting world, almost bordering magic. And to enter to become a part of it is so easy that it seems to be a dream.

Hiking is an activity that pleases all: from peaceful walks for the whole family wishing to enjoy a bit of green, to routes requiring a bit more for expert hikers.
Monte Rosa is known all over the world as an excellent arena for mountain climbing, an activity that certainly requires a great deal of training and even the aid of the alpine guides, but who does not dream about spending one night in the Capanna Margherita, the highest Shelter in Europe?

Climbing for sport is done on artificial arenas, an indispensable preparation for climbing, and on walls of equipped rock present along the valley, which offer various degrees of difficulty.

And in the Valsesia, everyone can fly, even those for the first time. There are paragliding courses with competent instructors, or try in a two-seater with a guide.

The two wheels, mountain biking and trialing: the best way to taste the freedom of the trails in contact with nature but also the occasion to learn new technical or to refine the style with courses and of the "outings" the local schools propose, for all levels and specialties.

Yet the most generous of all is the Sesia River that gives endless emotions, with its ideal stretches for doing all river sports - canyoning, rafting, hydro- speeding, kayaking and tubing, and for those keen on sport fishing, who will not be able to resist the temptations of the wealth and the purity of these waters.